What Were Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Cars?

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Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of all things British, from tea to the royal family. But did you know that she also has a passion for cars? In fact, throughout her life she has owned and driven some of the most famous British cars ever made. Read on to find out more about the Queen’s favorite cars!

The Jaguar Mk VII

The Jaguar Mk VII was one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite cars. She owned several of them and often took them out for drives around her estate. The Mk VII was a luxurious car and had all the latest features, including power steering and brakes. It was also one of the first cars to be fitted with a sunroof.

The Austin Princess

In 1948, when she was just 21 years old, Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) was given an Austin Princess as a wedding present from her father, King George VI. The car remained in the royal garage until 2002, when it was auctioned off for charity.

The Austin Princess was a popular choice for British royals in the 1940s and 50s. Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather, King George V, also owned one. In fact, the Austin Princess even featured in the 1953 coronation procession of Elizabeth II.

While the Queen no longer owns an Austin Princess, she does have a fleet of over 30 cars at her disposal. These include a Bentley Bentayga, Jaguar XJL, Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom IV

The Rolls-Royce Phantom IV was one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite cars. She loved the sleek design and luxurious features. The car was a symbol of her status and wealth, and she enjoyed riding in it.

The Daimler DS420

The Daimler DS was one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite cars. This car was made by the Daimler Company and was first introduced in 1955.

The Daimler DS was a large, luxurious car that had many features that were ahead of its time. For example, it had an air suspension system that made the ride very smooth. It also had power steering, which was not common in cars at that time.

Queen Elizabeth loved her Daimler DS and often used it for long journeys. She even took it on her honeymoon with Prince Philip.

The Daimler DS is no longer in production, but it remains one of the most iconic cars in British history.


Queen Elizabeth II was known to be a big fan of cars, and she owned many different makes and models over the years. Her favorite car brand was Jaguar, and she owned several of their most popular models, including the XJ6, XJS, and XK8. She also had a soft spot for Rolls-Royce cars, owning several different models from this luxury brand. No matter what type of car Queen Elizabeth II drove, she always looked regal and elegant behind the wheel.

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