Some people believe that dedicated supercar storage is a luxury. In fact, it’s essential. Because even if you have your own garage at home – the exception rather than the rule in city locations such as central London – Auto Boutique is equipped to care for your treasured supercar in a way generally not practical for a busy owner.

As hugely experienced experts in secure car storage in London, we at Auto Boutique don’t merely provide a roof over the head of your precious supercar or classic car, we lavish a range of services on your pride and joy that keep it safe and in peak condition, ready for the day that you want to take to the road once more – you don’t have to prepare your supercar for a day out, because we’ve already done the hard work for you.


Auto Boutique is based in Queensway, on the northern edge of Hyde Park and within walking distance of Oxford Street and Soho. Kensington, Chelsea and the West End’s restaurants, bars and theatres are a short cab ride away. In terms of luxury car storage in central London, you won’t find a better or more convenient location.

It’s the next best thing to having your supercar parked outside your front door. And it will be checked over, warmed up, cleaned and dry when you slide into the driver’s seat.



Our supercar storage facility is discreet and is monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We respectfully ask our clients to make a booking to retrieve their cars, as an added layer of security.

Because of Auto Boutique’s central London location, you’ll be able to conveniently drop it off with us at the end of a journey and jump in a cab home, rather than park it in the street and hope that it’s not damaged, stolen or exposed to the elements. Or the pigeons…


Yes, Auto Boutique provides secure car storage in central London. But luxury car storage is about so much more than just a space to park. When you entrust your supercar or classic car to us, we treat it with the care, attention and passion that we give our own cars.

  • Locked gates and 24/7 monitoring of the facility.
  • Climate-controlled.
  • Protective fitted car covers.
  • Your battery connected to a battery conditioner to maintain its health, even over long periods.
  • Tyres over-inflated to reduce the risk of flat-spots that might occur during long periods of storage. Pressures are reduced again prior to you driving the car.
  • All fluids checked upon arrival and rechecked before you collect your car.
  • The option of having your car started at regular intervals and brought gently up to the correct oil and water temperatures, to ensure the engine’s long-term health.
  • Washing prior to storage and before collection.


Car Storage LondonAuto Boutique isn’t just a catchy name, it encapsulates the breadth of services we can offer you – you might just require luxury car storage, but there might also be other ways in which we can indulge your supercar or classic car.

  • Full detailing and paint correction.
  • Alloy wheel repairs.
  • Supercar servicing.
  • Mechanical repairs.
  • Bodywork repairs.
  • Window tinting.
  • Performance upgrades.
  • Covered car transport.
  • Overseas shipping.
  • Car sales.


Maybe you’re not permanently resident in the UK. Perhaps you take long holidays or have been posted overseas. If you’re not around for a while then it’s better that your supercar or classic car is consigned to Auto Boutique’s secure car storage in London.

At Auto Boutique it will not only be parked safely underground and out of sight, it will also be rigged up to a battery conditioner and otherwise maintained on a monthly or even a weekly basis.

Prior to your return to London, it can be valeted, detailed and even serviced, ready for you to jump into and enjoy.


Because you’re not driving your supercar at the moment you might have put it on SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification), so it can’t be parked legally on the street. Perhaps you’ve bought a new supercar and need somewhere to store the old one until it’s sold.

Either way, Auto Boutique’s luxury car storage is the smart way to keep these valuable assets secure and well maintained.

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