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Range Rover thefts are increasing across London recently. Luxury SUVs like the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Vogue have become prime targets for sophisticated thieves using electronic theft methods to override security systems. As a Range Rover owner in London, it’s essential to take preventative action by using secure car storage facilities.

The Rise of Range Rover Thefts in London High-value Range Rovers can cost over £80,000, making them attractive targets for criminals and theft rings in London. Thieves are using advanced technologies like keyless entry relay devices, OBDII diagnostic port hacking, and signal cloning to electronically bypass security and steal Range Rovers right from driveways and parking facilities.

Affluent neighbourhoods in Central and West London have seen a spike in Range Rover thefts using these techniques. For example, last month three Range Rover Sport models were stolen in one night from a parking garage in Chelsea by exploiting their keyless entry systems.

As London sees more of these sophisticated Range Rover thefts, owners need to urgently address security vulnerabilities.


Range Rover Stolen in London
Range Rover Stolen in London

Protecting Your Range Rover with Secure Car Storage
Range Rover owners in London can deter theft and protect their vehicles by using secure, monitored car storage facilities like those offered by Autoboutique London.

Our central London car storage garages feature:

    • 24/7 CCTV monitoring

    • Individual alarmed bays

    • Regular security patrols

    • Access control systems

    • Fully insured facilities

Storing your Range Rover in our state-of-the-art car storage facility provides maximum protection against electronic and physical theft attempts. With constant surveillance and active monitoring, thieves are unable to exploit any vulnerabilities.

Other Tips for Securing Range Rovers In addition to secure car storage, Range Rover owners should also:

    • Install Thatcham approved immobilizer systems like steering wheel locks

    • Use Faraday cage key fobs when parked on driveways

    • Park only in well-lit and secure locations

    • Engrave VINs on windows and panels to deter part stripping

    • Consider GPS tracking systems

Don’t become another theft victim. Contact Autoboutique London today to learn more about protecting your Range Rover with monitored car storage in London. Our security and convenience is unparalleled.

As advanced Range Rover thefts persist across London, taking preventative action is a must. Combining robust security best practices with protected storage at Autoboutique London gives your high-value vehicle the best defense against this growing threat. Maximize your Range Rover’s security now.

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