Luxury Unplugged: Elevating Your Tesla Experience with Auto Boutique London


Hey there, car enthusiasts! Auto Boutique London is your go-to spot for keeping your precious Tesla safe and stylish in the heart of London. We’re all about offering top-notch storage solutions, especially for your sleek and eco-friendly Teslas.

Storing Your Tesla:

Our central London location makes accessing your Tesla a breeze. We’ve got the perfect storage options, whether short-term or long-term, ensuring your Tesla stays in tip-top shape. Plus, we offer a pickup and drop-off service for that extra dash of convenience.

Why Choose Us:

Auto Boutique London has been pampering luxury cars for over a decade. Our private garage near Hyde Park is equipped with top-tier security, including CCTV and alarms, providing a secure home for your Tesla. We understand the unique needs of Teslas and offer specialized care.

Convenience at Its Best:

Forget the parking struggles in London. With us, you can enjoy hassle-free access to your Tesla with just a few hours’ notice. We even offer a delivery service, making it easier than ever to have your Tesla where you want it when you want it.


For a safe, stylish, and convenient home for your Tesla in London, Auto Boutique is the place to be. Reach out today, secure your spot, and let us take care of your Tesla storage needs with a touch of luxury and ease.

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