The Hardest Car Quiz Ever: 19 Analogue Car Instrument Clusters to Identify | Car Storage London

The Hardest Car Quiz Ever: 19 Analogue Car Instrument Clusters to Identify | Car Storage London

Collage of 19 iconic analogue car instrument clusters from Italian sports cars, German tourers, British luxury vehicles, American muscle cars, and Japanese turbocharged models, showcasing their unique designs

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In the digital age, the tactile feel and aesthetic appeal of analogue car instrument clusters hold a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. These clusters not only provided essential information but did so with style and engineering finesse unique to each model and era. Car Storage London presents you with the hardest car quiz ever – a test of your ability to identify 19 iconic analogue car instrument clusters. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual car fan, this quiz promises to challenge your automotive knowledge to its limits.

1. The Italian Stallion with a Redline at 8,000 RPM This cluster belongs to a car known for its prancing horse emblem and a symphony from its V12 engine. Can you guess which model it is?

2. The German Tourer with a Signature Orange Glow Famous for its reliability and distinctive orange backlighting, this cluster is from a car that redefined the sports sedan category in the 80s.

3. The British Luxury on a Green Backdrop Elegance and precision define this cluster, with its green-lit gauges found in one of the most coveted luxury cars from the UK.

4. The American Muscle with a Tachometer Twist Characterized by its bold numbers and a unique tachometer design, this cluster hails from a car that epitomizes American muscle power.

5. The Japanese Turbocharged Icon with a Boost Gauge A turbo boost gauge and a simplistic design are key features of this cluster, belonging to a car that took the rally world by storm.

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Challenge and Engagement: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Each question in this quiz is designed not just to challenge but also to evoke nostalgia and appreciation for the craftsmanship of analogue instrument clusters. As vehicles evolve and digital displays become the norm, these analogue clusters serve as reminders of a bygone era where design and functionality went hand in hand.

Why Participate in This Quiz?

Apart from testing your knowledge, this quiz offers a unique way to engage with automotive history and design. It’s an opportunity to learn about different cars and their features, fostering a deeper appreciation for the engineering and aesthetic choices that define each era.

Car Storage London: Preserving Automotive Heritage

At Car Storage London, we understand the value of automotive heritage. Our storage solutions are designed to preserve the condition of classic and contemporary vehicles, ensuring they remain a source of joy and pride for their owners. By participating in quizzes like this, we hope to foster a community of car enthusiasts who share our passion for preserving and celebrating automotive history.


The hardest car quiz ever is more than just a test of your knowledge; it’s an invitation to explore and appreciate the rich tapestry of automotive culture. Whether you ace the quiz or learn something new, we hope it sparks your interest in the stories behind these iconic analogue instrument clusters. And remember, whether you’re looking to store a classic car with an iconic instrument cluster or a modern marvel, Car Storage London has the expertise and facilities to protect your prized possession.


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