Why bother paying for luxury car storage when cheaper alternatives are available? Good question, easily answered.

Let’s consider ordinary car storage for a moment. It can be as basic as a lock-up or the corner of a dusty industrial unit. Probably the location isn’t great, because these type of premises in prime areas were long ago redeveloped into luxury housing. So if you live in central London, it may be a dispiriting trek to collect your car each time you want to drive it.

Security at the storage facility is likely to be minimal or non-existent. And chances are, all you’re getting for your money is a covered parking space.

If you own a valuable – perhaps irreplaceable – supercar or classic car, doesn’t it deserve better treatment than that?

Ferrari StorageHow Auto Boutique’s luxury car storage is different

Compared with regular car storage, what we provide here at Auto Boutique is an automotive haven where your car is pampered from the moment it arrives until the day you collect it again.

  • Supreme convenience – Auto Boutique is located in Queensway on the northern edge of Hyde Park, a short taxi ride from many of central London’s prime residential areas.
  • Tight security – our London headquarters has monitored security 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Collection and delivery – if you’re too busy to get to us, we’ll come to you, whether that’s at home or your place of business.
  • Valeting and pre-storage preparation – when your car arrives with us it is valeted inside and out, thoroughly dried (including air drying of the brake discs and pads to prevent corrosion while in storage), and its fluid levels (engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid) checked.
  • Controlled environment – your car is parked in a generously-sized bay in a humidity-controlled area.
  • Tucked up tight – a soft, breathable fitted car cover provides a protective barrier for your car’s paintwork.
  • Battery charging – from the moment it arrives, your car is connected to an advanced battery conditioner to ensure its health during storage. The status of the battery charging is checked weekly.
  • Avoiding flat-spots – we pump up your tyres to high pressures to prevent them developing flat-spots during long periods of storage. Pressures are returned to recommended levels prior to you collecting your car.
  • Regular checks – as well as a weekly check of your battery’s charging status, we inspect underneath your car looking for signs of oil or other fluid leaks: if a leak seems serious, we’ll report back to you.
  • Gentle exercise – if your car is in long-term storage, each month we will start it and bring it gently up to operating temperature for the health of its mechanical and electrical components.
  • Collection preparation – when you want to get behind the wheel of your supercar or classic car again, we’ll have it clean, its MOT, insurance and servicing status checked, its fluid levels double-checked, and it will be already brought up to operating temperate, ready for your departure.


Car Storage LondonAuto Boutique isn’t just a catchy name, it encapsulates the breadth of services we can offer you – you might just require luxury car storage, but there might also be other ways in which we can indulge your supercar or classic car.

  • Full detailing and paint correction.
  • Alloy wheel repairs.
  • Supercar servicing.
  • Mechanical repairs.
  • Bodywork repairs.
  • Window tinting.
  • Performance upgrades.
  • Covered car transport.
  • Overseas shipping.
  • Car sales.


Maybe you’re not permanently resident in the UK. Perhaps you take long holidays or have been posted overseas. If you’re not around for a while then it’s better that your supercar or classic car is consigned to Auto Boutique’s secure car storage in London.

At Auto Boutique it will not only be parked safely underground and out of sight, it will also be rigged up to a battery conditioner and otherwise maintained on a monthly or even a weekly basis.

Prior to your return to London, it can be valeted, detailed and even serviced, ready for you to jump into and enjoy.


Because you’re not driving your supercar at the moment you might have put it on SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification), so it can’t be parked legally on the street. Perhaps you’ve bought a new supercar and need somewhere to store the old one until it’s sold.

Either way, Auto Boutique’s luxury car storage is the smart way to keep these valuable assets secure and well maintained.

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